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Roofing Services

Quality and Professional Services

There are many things to factor in when considering a new roof. Not only the materials and quality but existing removal, permitting, longevity, even resale value of your home. At Level construction, we pride ourselves in providing homeowner advice and direction and not just a physical roof over head. From tiles to flat roof, from metal roofs to shingle, Level Construction is equipped to handle everything from A to Z including roof repairs and entire roof replacements. 

South Florida’s Inclement Weather

Roofs that can hold up to hurricanes and tropical storms are a must in South Florida. Our area gets hit with a significant hurricane every six to eight years and we get an average of 30 to 45 inches of precipitation annually. Having a strong and code compliant roof is essential for the survival of the entire structure of your home or office. Not all roofers are alike; Hiring a contractor with experience, the proper licenses, and insurances should be a priority. Don’t wait for a heavy rain storm or hurricane to expose the weak points in your roof. If your roof is over ten years old it should be inspected by certified experts such as the ones at Level Construction. If your roof is hitting the 20 year mark, replacing your roof will help you avoid additional expenses and headaches with your insurance provider. 

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New Roofs and Roof Repairs

At Level Construction Corporation, our clients are our number one priority and we go the extra mile to make sure they’re completely satisfied with their roof. With that said, we will always help the homeowner decide whether a new roof or a roof repair would benefit them more. In some cases, a roof repair will not only correct the existing problem, but will extend the useful life of the rest of the roof by over 5 years! 

Roof Types & Styles

South Florida is home to the strictest building codes in the nation, and with good reason. Each roof needs to meet a certain standard in order to pass inspection. We specialize in all types of roofing:

     - Shingle 

     - Metal

     - Tile

     - Flat Roofs

     - Roof Repairs

Call us today to asses your roof and get you the service you need! 


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  • Do we offer repairs as well?
    Absolutely! We offer solutions whether it’s a simple repair or an entire changeout, out team of technicians are prepared to handle any issue you may have.
  • Do we specialize in other HVAC systems?
    High velocity ductwork, high energy efficiency, humidity controls, indoor air quality, we have seen it all and are trained in everything we’ve run across. Our staff is highly trained and continue to learn as technology advances.
  • Do we work on new construction?
    We have an entire division dedicated to reading plans and providing specialized attention to new projects.
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